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Overview is an innovative, responsive web platform created to address a critical gap in the market: connecting professionals with customers for urgent real-world tasks. Originally developed as a part of my journey towards the Google UX Professional Certification, the platform caters to a dual-audience, serving both professionals and customers, on a variety of platforms including PC and mobile devices for maximum accessibility.


During the course of my Google UX certification, I was required to design a responsive website to tackle a tangible problem. From numerous research studies, it became clear that while there were solutions for urgent online services, such as debugging or web development, the same immediacy wasn't readily available for real-world tasks. The existing market failed to provide a dedicated and intuitive platform that offered direct access to professionals for instant work needs and also facilitated professionals in effectively utilizing their free time.


My vision for was born from the need for such a platform - a platform that wasn’t merely a marketplace for services, but a streamlined solution to connect users with immediate professional needs and professionals seeking to optimize their schedules. With, the goal was to create a platform that allowed users to rapidly locate the assistance they needed while giving professionals a tool to increase their income and productivity.

My Responsibilities

During this two-week project, I managed all aspects, from user research to high-fidelity prototyping. I conducted user research to understand the target audience's needs and empathized with both regular users and professionals to inform the platform's design. I then created wireframes, progressing to low and high-fidelity prototypes using Adobe XD, iteratively refining the design based on usability feedback. My goal was to ensure a consistent, intuitive, and efficient user experience across the platform.


Problem Statement

The marketplace for professional services is fraught with inefficiencies. For everyday individuals, finding a professional, such as an electrician or plumber, for urgent tasks often turns into a tedious and frustrating endeavor. Direct contact information is not readily available, delaying the solution to their immediate problem. On the other hand, professionals grapple with their own set of challenges. Unexpected free periods due to the unpredictable nature of project timelines or last-minute cancellations often lead to unutilized time and potential revenue loss. There is a clear need for a reliable platform that addresses these concerns effectively.

Primary Target Users

Our primary target users are everyday individuals who seek immediate professional services. Their primary goal is to resolve their urgent needs efficiently with the help of the right professional. These individuals value speed, direct communication, and reliability. Parallelly, i conducted discussions with various causes ranging from large organizations like unicef hungary to smaller local animal shelters. They confirmed the need for an alternative fundraising platform and expressed willingness to promote such an option to their communities.

Secondary Target Users

Our secondary users are professionals from a broad range of fields. They are looking for a platform that offers them flexibility in managing their schedules, filling their free periods with profitable work, and handling unexpected free time due to cancellations or postponements.Parallelly, i conducted discussions with various causes ranging from large organizations like unicef hungary to smaller local animal shelters. They confirmed the need for an alternative fundraising platform and expressed willingness to promote such an option to their communities.

High-Level Goals

The overarching goal of is to create a user-centric platform that streamlines the process of connecting users and professionals. With an emphasis on ease of use, accessibility, and revenue generation opportunities, i aim to address the primary needs of both user groups effectively. To support free access for professionals and sustain platform operations, i've incorporated a monetization strategy where professionals can optionally purchase boosts to improve their visibility on the platform, thus increasing their chances of being hired. With a strong focus on user experience, i aspire to make a go-to solution for immediate professional needs.


Searching for Professionals

A crucial aspect of is to enable users to find professionals easily and intuitively. To ensure this, i embarked on a detailed analysis of industry best practices, studying various food delivery platforms like Uber Eats, Wolt, and Foodora, along with professional listing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. The goal was to design a search feature that is not just simple to use but also provides sophisticated filtering options for the best results. I prioritized transparency in our design, ensuring that users could see the professionals' availability and relevant badges such as 'Top Rated' or 'Verified'. This approach offers users a comprehensive view of professionals and helps them make informed decisions.

Registering as a Professional

On the other side of the platform, i designed a straightforward registration process for professionals. Our aim was to make the initial steps of joining as smooth and welcoming as possible. Once registered, professionals have access to various features to manage their presence. They can set their profile at multiple levels, showcasing their work, requesting reviews, and effectively using their profile page to attract potential customers. By providing professionals with these tools, we enable them to project their skills and availability, fostering a transparent and efficient environment.


To ensure the viability and profitability of the platform, careful design choices were made to incorporate a sustainable business model. While joining and taking jobs on is free for professionals, I included an optional feature that allows professionals to purchase boosts to increase their visibility. By appearing at the top of search results, professionals can secure more jobs, and this, in turn, supports the continued operation and development of the platform. These design choices were aimed at creating a balanced ecosystem that benefits all parties involved while ensuring the platform's long-term sustainability.


Colour Theme

Anatomy of UI

Having too many colours may confuse the user or bring their attention to less important areas. I always start my designs in b&w as it’s easier to concentrate on layout, element spacing, usability, readability and accessibility. I mostly apply colours if I want to highlight something or show the added value that can’t be shown in b&w.

For the main colour, I decided to go with a shade of blue as it’s proven to project an image that is calm, trustworthy, reliable and secure.

I started working on a few key screens in low-fidelity to find the best solution in terms of usability and scalability. After testing and refining, the overall layout started to shape into the unified structure that can be applied for different types of users and their use cases.

Without getting deep into all page designs, here are 3 samples and design choices I made.

1. Clarity and Efficiency

The landing page design emphasizes immediate clarity and efficiency. The large title, "Find professionals for ASAP works", clearly states the platform's purpose. Below, three search boxes collect vital information: the service needed, user's zip code, and timeframe. This direct approach streamlines the search process, asking only essential questions to start the matching process. The large, noticeable search button encourages user action.

2. Transparency and Customization

The Search Results page focuses on transparency and user control. Each profile displays a picture, name, ratings, expertise, and immediate availability, coupled with a visual calendar for ease of understanding. Additional filters on the left side enable users to refine their search, offering greater control and customization to help users find the right professional effortlessly.

3. Detailed Insight and Seamless Navigation

The Profile page showcases detailed professional information, fostering informed decisions. It includes a description, pricing, ratings, and featured projects, along with a prominent contact button for immediate action. By occupying only 3/4 of the screen over a blurred background of search results, it creates a 'popup' effect, maintaining the search context and ensuring smooth navigation.


The journey of designing has been a treasure trove of insights and learning. Here are some of the key takeaways:

1. Emphasis on User-Centric Design: Understanding the unique and shared needs of both professionals and users was critical. Through thorough research and analysis, I was able to design a platform that caters effectively to their requirements. This project underscored the importance of user-centric design and how it influences design decisions to create a more intuitive and efficient user experience.

2. Striking a Balance between Simplicity and Sophistication: My analysis of industry leaders like Uber Eats and Upwork reinforced the significance of a clean, straightforward interface and the importance of sophisticated functionality. Balancing simplicity for better usability and sophistication for versatility became a cornerstone in the design process.

3. The Crucial Role of Transparency: The project underscored the critical role transparency plays in building trust and engagement on a platform like By facilitating professionals to clearly display their credentials and availability, and providing users with essential upfront information, I could design a platform that promotes informed decisions and interactions.

4. Understanding the Power of Monetization: The design of the monetization strategy taught me the art of creating value for all parties involved. Allowing professionals to boost their visibility opened up an additional revenue stream for the platform while offering professionals more opportunities.

5. The Importance of Accessibility: Ensuring the platform's accessibility across different devices and for a diverse user base was a key aspect of the design. This focus on accessibility made me more aware of user diversity and will shape my design approach in future projects.

In conclusion, the process of creating was a profound learning experience, shedding light on numerous aspects of UX design and platform creation. These insights will undoubtedly inform my future work and perspective as a UX designer.

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Andras Bodo

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